To Become Belly Dancer in 20 days it is possible only with teacher Amora Shams!

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Other Courses 

1 or 2 week Workshops

If you do not have 1 month free then you can also study for a week or two weeks

Teacher Course 

Tricks of the trade

Get a UNESCO BellyDance Certificate!

Amora it's related to "Raqs Sharqi" world since 1982. Now her certificates are recognized worldwide.

Other Classes

Intensive Day Classes

1 or 2 day intensive Belly Dance Classes. 

Single Private Classes 

1 or 2 hours intensive Belly Dance Classes.

Online Classes

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Extra Activities    

Learn Basic Arabic 

You can study arabic while doing your course

Touristic & Dance Visits 

Students love to go to see shows, touristic visits, etc. 


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an Action than One Thousand Words!


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i want to be a belly dancer ana aiz raqs sharqi quiero ser bailarina danza del vientre danzas arabes